January 3rd, 2013

Paris, the capital city of France is famous for attracting a large number of tourists every year for its beautiful museums, innumerable historic buildings and tombstones. Paris is known to have supreme and most premium art galleries around the globe and is an amazing city for sightseeing. In addition to this, this city also offers its visitors mouth-watering delicacies and a happening nightlife.

Paris is rich both historically and culturally. For people who would like to visit Paris Missionary air fares and flights have exciting offers. Here is a compilation of a few important noteworthy details about the city.

Historical places
Paris has an extremely rich history well documented by structures like Eiffel Tower which was erected in 1886-1887 to celebrate the French Revolution. It weighs more than 10,000 tons and stands tall at 1,062 feet. Another historical place worth visiting is the Arc de Triomphe which was constructed by Napoleon to rejoice the victory of French Battle. This arch was inspired from the arches of Ancient Rome which had a neoclassicist blueprint with a height of 162 feet. This place is also known as the Resting place of Napoleon Bonaparte. It is believed that Napoleon’s body has been put to rest in six different coffins that are located in the Dome Church of the tomb.
Paris also attracts visitors for its Notre Dame Cathedral which is a Gothic style church that was finished in 1345. The major feature of this church is that crusaders bowed their heads down before participating in Holy Wars. This church is rich in art and includes effigy of sovereigns and the royal family in Judea and portrays Mary with Jesus.

Cultural sites
The well-known art museum in Paris is The Louvre where Leonardo De Vinci’s “Mona Lisa” has been kept. Apart from this, the museum also has Greek vase paintings, religious sculptures, historical and mythological sculptures that were inclusive all through Renaissance and other days.

The art museums in Paris boast of paintings by artists like Calude Monet, Edouard Manet, Vincet Van Gogh and many others. The Orangerie Museum was earlier exclusively used to showcase work by Cakude Mont but of late, it also includes work of Renoir, Pabalo Picasso, J.J. Rousseau, Henri Matisse and others. The Opera Bastille- the opera house of Paris was established in July 1989 to commemorate the anniversary of “Storming of the Bastille”.

Besides the historical and cultural rich sites in Paris, there are many more places to visit in Paris to experience the serene beauty and discover the art of this beautiful city.

September 6th, 2012

Whether it’s on-board entertainment or views beyond deck, you are certain to take in plenty of spectacular sights if you manage to line up a cruise holiday on the Vision Of The Seas. There are very few more extravagantly equipped ships taking folks from all over Europe to one wonderful coastline after another as the days and weeks go by. There are plenty of value-for-money packages on offer this year and next and if you book online at the last minute you could be experiencing it all at a knock-down price.

Just to explain a little more about what the Vision has to offer; there are theatre shows the envy of most on dry land, facilities that seem to be almost never ending and dining options to satisfy even the most fussy of eaters. Naturally enough, when most of us think about cruise holidays we think about having an opportunity to relax in an atmosphere characterised by fun and sophistication. Well those are pretty much the hallmarks of the Vision of the Seas and you are all-but guaranteed some wonderfully unforgettable experiences on-board. You will find that children enjoy the whole thing just as much as the adults and generally you’ll be met with like-minded holidaymakers and certainly no shortage of keenly attentive Royal Caribbean staff.

There are dozens of cruise holiday package deals out there for families and for anyone else to choose from over the coming months and you can book Thomas Cook cruises and Gatwick Airport Hotels more easily these days than ever before. The process in fact involves little more than outlining your most basic stipulations and picking out the arrangement that appeals to you the most. All inclusives are available on most ships as well so you can keep your costs down that way too.

August 30th, 2012

A mecca for visitors looking for a sailing holiday, the Lycian coastline of Turkey offers exquisite bays and alluring lagoons that make travellers wish to return again and again. With ample heritage and villages to explore, you won’t have a dull moment discovering the beauty of Turkey.

Spend your evenings moored in modern marinas and remote anchorages in secluded spots along the coast. You often have the choice of spending a week aboard the flotilla or opting, instead, for the popular stay and sail sailing holidays that give you the chance to not only take to the waters, but also spend a week on land, appreciating your surroundings and, if you’re a novice, learning the basics of the activity.

Day 1: Board your Yacht

Arrive at the flotilla base and board your yacht in the marina at Adakoy, just south of Marmaris.

Day 2: Adakoy – Ciflik

Sail the 8 miles to Ciflik, taking roughly two hours. Take a dip in the crystal clear waters. Sample some of the local cuisine at any of the excellent eateries found on the shoreline.

Day 3: Ciflik – Bosuk Bay

Head south to the beautifully peaceful Bosuk Bay. The journey will take approximately 3 hours, but it will be well worth it when you step foot off your yacht and admire the majestic panoramas that surround you.

Day 4: Bosuk Bay – Bozburun

Ten miles away from Bozuk Bay is the relaxing area of Bozburun. World famous for the construction of Turkish gulets, this small fishing village will be a step away from the hustle and bustle you may be ordinarily used to.

Day 5: Bozburun – Serce

A scenic inlet a mere two hours away, offering the tranquillity of a relatively untouched area. Although there are only a couple of restaurants here, the local Turkish cuisine is well worth sampling.

Day 6: Serce – Kumlu Buku

Home to the ancient ruins of Amos, the hike is well worth the beautiful landscapes that will await you.

Day 7: Kumlu Buku – Adakoy

Return to the base in Marmaris Bay, full of new experiences and memories that you can cherish forever.